Sweetness Says No

18" x 24"
6-Color Screenprint (printed at Burlesque of North America)
Available for Purchase : $30.00

This is an illustration that depicts Chicago Bears legend Walter "Sweetness" Payton, stiff-arming Green Bay Packer fans out of heaven.

The concept for this image was provided by a friend, who had an altercation with a Packer fan that was trying to sell him fake tickets.  My friends response to the infraction was "I hope Walter Payton Stiff-Arms Your Ass Out of Heaven."

And with those few, irreverent words spoken, this poster was born into this world, where it has sold over 120 copies via Etsy.

In an effort to re-coup some of the bad karma we've created, and to make sure that Walter's name is not tarnished, we donate $1 from every sale to the Walter Payton Foundation.  

Because in reality, Walter would have never stiff-armed anyone out of heaven.  He was too nice a guy.