Unity Game Dev: Andrew Shaw's Head-Buttin' Pucks & Shootin' Ducks

Use Arrow Keys To Move, Click To Shoot

Use Arrow Keys To Move, Click To Shoot

The Chicago Blackhawks are in the full throes of the playoffs, which means late night games, heart palpitations & palm sweats.  

One such moment of anxiety of jubilation was when Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw managed to use his head to score, which would have been a game-winning goal had it been counted.

Nonetheless, the play was so inspiring that I decided to create an interactive game using the game development program Unity.  

I've been learning Unity for a little bit by doing tutorials, one of which was a Space Shooter game.
I realized that I could probably change out the assets in this tutorial game with my own hockey-related assets.  

One extra functionality I wanted was to have two separate obstacles, each behaving differently.
The Ducks should be able to be shot, but the pucks should just bounce off the player.

While I was able to figure out how to get this coded and working properly, I could not get it so that "heading a puck" would add to the score.  However, I realized that this is accurate to true life, and released the game as is.

After all, Heading Pucks will not count as a goal...

....But it sure is fun.

Click the image above to play the game.
(Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera Only, Sorry no mobile or Chrome support)
(May Require Installation of Unity plugin)

Use Arrow Keys to Move Around. Click To Shoot.