After Effects Quick Tip: Pan & Zoom Image Inside A Mask

It shouldn't come as any surprise that editors today are being asked more and more to create motion graphics in addition to their many other tasks.  Budgets are getting smaller and producers are trying to squeeze every dime of value out of each team member.

As such, video editors that keep up their motion graphics skill sets are in a much better position to stay marketable in a competitive environment.

I have been getting lots of questions from my video editor friends about how to do some basic things in After Effects, and to clear up some mis-conceptions about tools and best practices for quickly creating professional looking graphics.

The first lesson in this series of quick tips talks about the best way to animate an image inside of a mask.  The "Ken Burns Effect" is a common request and pretty easy to pull off full-screen. 

But what happens when you want this to occur inside of a matte?
Watch the video to find out!  

It also reviews the difference between the Anchor Point Tool and the Pan Behind Tool, which are often confused.  

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