AWESOMESAUCE: Minimaforms Petting Zoo

OMG. This installation is absolutely bonkers.

I wish I could have experienced it in person, but thankfully we live in the age of the internet, and can get a glimpse of it without traveling to the FRAC Centre in France.

Here's a video of the installation in use.
And to make it even more awesome, there is a pretty in-depth look at the process of how it was built.

The combination of technology, interaction, and a movement that seems highly organic creates an otherworldly experience which peaks the interest of a viewer on many different levels.

I find this intersection of technology and fine art installation to be totally fascinating and belive it could even change my mind about the current state of contemporary art.

In all honesty, most contemporary art installations leave me unfulfilled and wanting more. Many of the ones I've witnessed have been built on high-level concepts that may mean a lot in thought, but don't deliver a truly engaging experience.  

I much prefer these types of in-your-face environments, which are stimulating on many levels, so that the viewer ends up completely losing themselves.  When I go into a space like this, I want to suspend all thinking and just let my senses be my guide.  


Check Out The Minimaforms Website for more detail on the project: