Southwest Airlines Stop-Motion

I was on a Southwest Airlines flight recently, and had no reading material or any other way to occupy my time.  So I searched through my phone apps for one that didn't require an internet connection to run.

To my surprise, I found a Stop Motion app that I installed years ago and never used.  Perfect!

For the remaining hour of my flight, I was tearing napkins, crumbling pretzel wrappers, and moving tiny bits of salt around the seat-back tray. The flight attendant passed back and forth, with eyes bulged,  frowning at the mess I had created.

Unfortunately I forgot to check the app settings and captured these at a measly resolution of 320x240.

'These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty' Fish -- It's hard to see because of the low resolution, but there are particles of salt used for air bubbles.

Napkin Plane -- The ending is supposed to be the Southwest Airlines logo, a red heart over silver wings.  This is as close as I could get without scissors, using my fingers and teeth instead.